Start With Forex


Sunday night in Turkey with 00:00 market opened Friday night at 23:59 until the remaining open is an active market for all the world to join 5/24. Investors can react immediately to any important news.

Liquidity is very high in this market due to the continuous transactions of large banks, intermediary institutions and individual investors. A transaction in the Forex market takes place instantly. You do not need to wait for the buyer or seller to perform a transaction. Individual investors do not pay commissions or fees to intermediary firms that perform their transactions. Broker firms receive their commercial profits from the difference between the purchase and sale prices. The transactions are made directly on the real time buy or sell prices that the Forex trader sees on the computer screen. The investor can always monitor his / her own account status from the real-time trading platform.

In Forex markets, the investor can buy and sell. Already buying one currency naturally means selling the other currency. If the investor believes that the market will fall, he / she can gain from the falling market by selling short.

In Forex markets, investors can benefit from leverage system. According to the leverage ratio applied, the investor is allowed to make transactions at a certain amount of the collateral by using the money in the investor's account as collateral.

Most of the transactions in the Forex markets are performed in the currency pair. According to the wishes of investors, gold, silver, such as products can make transactions.