Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Use of this website is governed by this document and constitutes a contract and obligation by the customer:

Information provided on the website

1. a) The information provided on this site is based on reports and / or other reliable sources, as well as data from available and recognized sources. does not qualify.

2. b) Customer Granan Trade, in any way, from the use of the existing website and / or any information provided on it, any malfunction, usability and / or any other factors that may cause the website and its various services to function properly, the Internet and / or Internet providers and / or Granan Trade LIMITED's computers and / or Client's computer.

3. c) If the information appearing on the website and the information recorded in Granan Trade's books contradict and / or incompatible with those books, the information recorded in Granan Trade's books shall be of priority. GRANAN TRADE shall in no way be liable and / or liable for any damages and / or damages caused or likely to arise from the Client's reliance on the existing website and, more specifically, on the reliance on any information provided on it.

Name right :

The information provided on the website (including the website itself), any downloadable and available programs available on the website, and any additions published on the website are subject to and are protected by international copyright laws.

Use of this website is permitted only subject to fair use, which occurs when it is in accordance with international copyright laws. The copying, modification, distribution and commercial use of the information available on this website is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by the proprietor (s).

Change in terms

Granan Trade LIMITED may, at its sole discretion, add, edit and / or discontinue any conditions of use at any time and / or add, edit, and / or discontinue any part or all of the services provided by Granan Trade LIMITED. reserves the right to make changes. The Customer shall not claim or claim damages and / or compensation for any damage allegedly caused by the aforementioned changes, adjustments, additions or discontinuities.

Money Laundering Regulations and Certification Provisions

In order to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations which may be in force at any time under the relevant local and international legislation, the authentication of all of its Customers is of utmost importance for GRANAN TRADE LIMITED. Upon registration, Granan Trade LIMITED is strongly requested from the Client to provide the relevant copies of various documents for identification within 7 days of activation of the respective account. Any non-compliance with the above claim will result in immediate closure of the customer's account until such documentation is provided to the compliance department of GRANAN TRADE LIMITED. For further information or questions regarding Granan TradeLIMITED's Customer Care Required policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]

Use of third-party programs

The Website may contain programs (“third party programs”) that are not produced and / or distributed by Granan Trade LIMITED and may allow downloading or use of them. The manufacturers of Granan Trade LIMITED and / or third-party programs are not liable in any way for any damage that may occur as a result of the download and / or use of such programs that are available for download and / or use via the Granan Trade LIMITED website.

These Terms of Use are governed by the Terms and Conditions agreed by the Customer, which constitute the agreement between Granan Trade LIMITED and the Customer.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the customer's ability to sow money can be affected if the customer does not fulfill the satisfaction of the company. If you request that your money be withdrawn from your Account and we are unable to do so without closing some of your open positions, your request will not be executed until you close the positions adequately. In order to process your sowing request, the remaining balance in your account after sowing, ie funds, must be at least twice the margin used.