Secure Trading


Invest Safely

Granan Trade LIMITED attaches utmost importance to the safety of its customers and we strive only to provide the best customer service. Our customers may feel safe knowing that we apply special security measures to protect them from high market volatility.

Below are some of the steps we take to protect our customers on a regular basis.

Negative Balance Protection

This is a legally binding policy that ensures that our customers' accounts cannot be negated, so that customers never lose more than they have invested, even in exceptional volatility situations.

Careful Risk Management

Our trained financial teams ensure that our customers and businesses are never exposed to excessive monetary losses. We are well suited to dealing with market instability without any interference in our regular trading services.

Instant Margin Protection

GRANAN TRADE LIMITED uses automated measures and advanced technology to ensure that our customers have full exploitation of the margin of their accounts. At the same time, the limits are carefully checked to avoid negative balance.

Bank Accounts Separation

All of GRANAN TRADE LIMITED's client funds are kept separate from the company's capital and held at leading banks for maximum protection.

In addition to these unique security criteria, our excellent trading conditions and excellent customer service make it possible for Granan Trade LIMITED to remain a true market leader. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of security, and always have their best interests at heart.