Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints Procedure


The complainant is any natural or legal person who is eligible to file a complaint with the company and has already submitted a complaint.

A complaint may be defined as a statement or dissatisfaction directed to the Company by a complainant regarding the investment service provided by the Company.

Requests containing applications and complaints (hereinafter collectively referred to as “claims") will be sent in writing and signed by the customer or an authorized representative of the customer.

The request will include:

The essence of the request and the requests of the party initiating the request; Amount and calculation of demand (if the request is subject to material evaluation)

A summary of the circumstances on which the applicant's requirements are based and the evidence proving its accuracy with reference to appropriate legal and regulatory documents; Include the list of documents in the request and other evidence; Other data required to settle the dispute. Requests without customer name or location (address) data will be classified anonymously and will be excluded from evaluation.

Complaints handling procedure

Complaint management policy and complaints handling procedures implemented and maintained by the Company are arranged as follows:

Be simple and clear, ensure that customers are treated fairly, be effective and assist in decision-making,

Ensure that fair results are achieved.


He will investigate the complaint in a competent, attentive and impartial manner.

It will evaluate fairly, consistently and quickly what the complaint is about and what action / solution should be applied.

It shall provide a clear and fair assessment of the complaint in a fair and prompt manner, and, if appropriate, a remedy or remedy.

It shall ensure that any accepted remedial or remedial action is quickly assigned.

The Company shall have the right to request additional documents and data from the Customer (complainant). The time for reviewing a request will be extended for the period of sending the documents.

How to submit a complaint?

In the event that the customer has a complaint regarding any of its transactions with Granan Trade LIMITED, the Complaint Procedure should be followed as follows:

1. All complaints must be reported to the Company in writing. As for How Customers Can Complain, Customers can complain in the following ways:

Email to [email protected] (E-mail should include: customer's name, trading account number and nature of the complaint. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.)

Complaint Form can be filled out.

Written notification can be made to the address. Address: Granan Trade Limited, SalihMiroglu Caddesi 14 / A Girne TRNC

2. Upon receipt of the official petition of the customer's legal complaint, a written confirmation stating that Granan Trade LIMITED has taken action to resolve the complaint as quickly and diligently as possible, is sent to the customer within five (5) business days of the date of the complaint.

3. The Customer Support Department informs everyone in Granan Trade LIMITED about the complaint, and actions that can later resolve the complaint are taken with the involvement of the head of the department concerned.

4. Granan Trade LIMITED will send a written final reply to the Customer within three (15) days following the date of receipt of the complaint.

Evaluation and examination of complaints

Upon the petition, the complaint will be communicated to the employees responsible for handling the complaints and who will investigate them diligently, fairly and quickly. The company must send a reply without any unnecessary delay. When an answer cannot be answered within the expected time limits, the Company must inform the cause of the complaint and the possible completion time of the investigation. When the investigation is completed, the complainant is sent a final answer together with the findings and the outcome of the complaint. The reply must be in writing and sent to the complainant's e-mail address. If the repeated complaint does not contain any new data and all the reasons mentioned in it have been thoroughly and objectively examined before, and a response has been sent, it will not be taken into consideration. Simultaneously, the notification of non-observance of the complaint shall be submitted to the complainant, with reference to the previous response.


When the assessment, investigation and investigation of the complaint is completed, any decision, finding or conclusion will be communicated to the complainant with an explanation. The complainant will be compensated appropriately if the complaint is justified.