Mam Account


The MAM account is a great convenience for traders in the market. This is due to the working logic of the MAM account. This type of account generally preferred by fund managers consists of two different types of accounts. One is the “Master” account type and the other is the ve Slave ”account type. The MAM account consists of an unlimited number of Slave accounts under one Master account in content. All transactions from the master account are divided according to the balance between the slave accounts.

By way of example, we can think of a MAM account as a cake. In the accounts under the Master account which has a total balance of 100.000 USD, there are 50.000 USD, 20.000 USD and 10,000 USD balance Slave accounts. When a trade in a master account is closed with a profit of 10,000 USD, the Slave account with a balance of 50,000 USD will be retained in the profit of 5,000 USD. Similarly, the profit of the account with a balance of USD 20,000 will be distributed automatically by the system as USD 2,000 and the profit of USD 10,000 as USD 1,000.

It is obvious that the MAM account is a great convenience for fund managers and investors. Under normal circumstances, if a 30-day fund manager attempts to open individual transactions from each account as soon as he / she sees the transaction opportunity, this process is both very challenging and may even miss the price he wishes to enter. Or, for the investor, in the list of the person who manages the fund, his profitable transactions may close with loss until it comes to the investor. In this context, MAM account is a solution that meets the needs of the market for fund managers and investors.


PAMM - (Percentage Distribution Main Module) is a technology that allows one customer (Follower) to copy another customer's (Main Investor) investment strategy. The Main Investor operates its own funds through PAMM and, thanks to PAMM technology, the Main Investor's investment strategy is applied in the Follower's account. cannot be used for any purpose. This virtual merging of the Funds of the Principal Investor and the Follower allows all PAMM participants to achieve the same investment conditions.

Forex PAMM account is useful for followers because they can benefit from Forex investments without conducting deep market research investment and position tracking activities on their own. Forex PAMM is also useful for Home Traders because they can invest more than their main currency and take on this role to earn guaranteed commission. FXOpen PAMM technology is designed to protect both Main Investors and Followers from non-investment risks.

For example;

Investor A opens the Main Investor account using Forex PAMM technology. The main investor's principal amount is USD 10000.

Subsequently, the Lead Investor submits a Proposal (ie declares that its strategies may be followed by other Clients) and sets its parameters: 30/5/10 - 6/4 - 1000/1 000/100 - 10. Principal Investor Investor determines the Investment Range for the account - 1 Month.

Followers 1 and Followers 2 decide to follow the Main Investor's strategy. Follower 1 and Follower 2 allow 25,000 USD and 15,000 USD to be used in a PAMM Account. Thus, a virtual balance of 50000 USD is created in the Main Investor Account for the first Investment Range.


At the end of the month, as a result of the Main Investor's successful investments, the Main Investor's account balance is 75,000 USD. After all payments have been made in accordance with the terms of the Bidder, the Main Investor and Followers profits are as follows: Followers 1 - 9.500 USD, Followers 2 - 5.700 USD, Main Investor 1 - 9.800 USD


Thanks to investment replication, both new and experienced investors can profit from the financial markets by performing the same transactions as experienced and professional investors with successful backgrounds. This type of investment is a unique solution for people who want to invest to increase their capital but do not have the time or experience to do it on their own. For this reason, brokers offer the opportunity to copy investment. There are many platforms where you can copy investment. Some of them are manual and some are automatic investment platforms, while semi-automatic platforms are available. You can take advantage of the type of investment copy you need.